What is the theme of the song, On s'attache? There are english lyrics but i don't know what the theme would be..

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asked by Rose
  1. The lyricist seems to love a woman but is not ready for marriage.

  2. So the theme would be love?

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    posted by Rose
  3. I think it's more like attachment or affection.

  4. Also, who would i say that this song is addressing? Can i say the songwriter might be addressing it to someone he loves?

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    posted by Rose
  5. Yes.

  6. Im asked if i agree with the words of the song... i want to say that i don't agree wit the words because the songwriter states that being attached would imprison them... is that correct? im not sure what i would say if i agree with the song

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    posted by Rose
  7. Be honest. If you don't agree with the song, then say so.

  8. Ok. Thank you

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    posted by Rose
  9. You're welcome.

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