Owen is fishing from a dock. He starts with the bait 2 feet below the surface of the water. He reels out the bait 19 feet then reels it back in 7 feet. what is the final position of the bait relative to the surface of the water?

Write an expression to represent the situation. Then solve by finding the value of the expression.

My answer is -2+19-7=10

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  1. assuming in and out mean up and down, then I get

    -2-19+7 = -14

    You have the bait 10 feet above the water!

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  2. this is 6th grade ? holy crap, i got this for 7th grade btw an expression is an equation but with no equal sign just a heads up

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  3. -2-19+7= 24

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  4. -2+19-(-7)

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  5. 2-19+7
    kc f

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  6. The answers -10

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  7. yall nerds

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  8. -24

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  9. Joe mama

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