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8. The table below shows the relationship between the number of days a plant grows and its height. Which shows a scatter plot of the data and a description of the trend?

# of Days Plant Height (cm)
0 5
2 7
4 10
5 13
6 14
7 16
8 17
(1 point)
scatter plot A

The scatter plot shows a linear trend. As the height of the plant increases, the number of days increases.
scatter plot B

The scatter plot shows a positive trend. As the number of days increases, the height in centimeters increases.
scatter plot C

The scatter plot shows a negative trend. As the number of days increases, the height in centimeters increases.
none of these
9. Jared drew a scatter plot comparing the number of hours worked and the amount of money earned over the course of a week. He graphed the ordered pairs (number of hours, amount paid) for each day worked. Which of the three scatter plots below most likely represents the data?

(1 point)
none of these
10. John made the questionnaire below for his survey of students that play basketball.

Which of the following best explains why John's questionnaire might influence the survey results? (1 point)
It advertises Brand X as the favorite sports drink of professional basketball players.
It does not include the favorite sports drink of professional football players.
It does not include the different flavors of Brand X.
It encourages the students to agree.
11. Jake recorded the average temperatures for his hometown over a period of 20 days as shown in the chart below. He used the data to determine the mean temperature. In a report, he stated, ÒThe typical temperature in my hometown is about 62¡.Ó How is this statement misleading?

50¡ 58¡ 45¡ 61¡ 59¡
47¡ 94¡ 42¡ 48¡ 56¡
90¡ 94¡ 46¡ 59¡ 62¡
99¡ 55¡ 42¡ 46¡ 96¡
(1 point)
There are not enough data to decide what the typical temperature is.
The mean of the data is not about 62¡.
The mean is not misleading. The typical temperature is about 62¡.
The mean is not a good measure of the typical temperature because the temperatures are either really low or really high.
The following item has been reviewed and is scheduled to be updated. Students will receive full credit for any response to the following.
12. A transportation researcher decided to record the number of miles that employees of a large company drove to work each day. The frequency table below displays the data. Which histogram represents the data?

(1 point)

13. Which is the best display for the set of the number of tornadoes in the United States each year, if you want to be able to identify the mode? (1 point)
histogram with intervals of 5
frequency table with intervals of 3
line plot
line graph
14. Kendall asked 40 randomly-selected seniors at his high school about their plans for after they graduated. Twenty-nine students said they planned to go to college. If there are 380 seniors at KendallÕs high school, estimate the number who plan to go to college. (1 point)
15. The table shows ChristineÕs best javelin throws each year. Make a scatter plot that represents the given data.










Distance (m)









(1 point)
distance graph
distance graph
distance graph
distance graph

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  3. Ino that 9 is B and I'm pretty sure 10 is A

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