I need help understanding the directions for this essay response in 9th grade English B Unit 3.

Its worth ten points and I really want to score all ten!!!

It really cant go over a page because there is a character limit.

I need to get this done right now.

The questions is...
20.) Identify one of the darker actions examined in a story or drama from this unit. In what piece is the action highlighted? What intentions or emotions prompt the action? How would the story or drama change if the character involved were able to overcome the darker impulse and indulge a higher intention? Explain.

I need you to do two things:
1.) rephrase the question for slow person like me to understand.
2.)help me put it together/write it (I'm not asking you do to it for me! I just need a walkthrough)

My story/drama that I chose to do this on is called The Lottery by Shirley Jackson.

If you have never read this story can you please read these two summaries (you don't have to read both if its too much) to be able to help me better?

Jishka wont allow me to post the links so I'll try to put them in the comments! If that doesn't work google:

"The Lottery Shirley Jackson Spark notes"


"Shmoop The lottery summary"

I hope this doesn't seem like I'm asking for a lot but I am truly willing to work I just need a bit of guidance.

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  1. You don't need to post twice! I already tried to help you the first time. Be patient. Tutors are volunteers and are not sitting here just waiting for a post we can answer. You will be noticed.

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  2. For the second question "In what piece is the action highlighted?" I am confused about what it means. Do I need to name a specific part/paragraph?

    In the Lottery I think the only innocent person is the main character. I feel like if she changed they way she acted the story would remain the same, but I'm not sure if I should state that in my essay.

    and for the last question "How would the story or drama change if the character involved were able to overcome the darker impulse and indulge a higher intention"

    Can you break that question down too? It looks like complete gibberish to me

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  3. Anyone? :(

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  4. Okay, for example, if the woman who is stoned to death had said, "Okay, for the good of the community, I'll die a horrible death," would the story be different? She thinks, and cries, it is unfair, or it was a mistake. She does not want to die. Would you, the reader, react the same way if she willingly allowed herself to be stoned to death?

    And, as I said below, I am also confused about what they mean by "piece." Go with what you said above.

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  5. "Anyone? :(" Be patient, Peach!

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  6. Still know on and it's been 2 years. that's harsh. But still no answer.

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  7. 4 years and no response, that's coollllld

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  8. Everyone keep it going lmao everymonth I’m gonna go on here

  9. You kids need to stop cheating on your assignments, it will get you nowhere in life.

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  10. @Ms. Brown
    I'm not trying to say that cheating won't have negative effects on the kids who do it, but I think that a certain age if a teen decides what they want to do later in life they should be able to opt out of unrelated classes and take more classes which correlate with what they want to do. If a kid wants to be a software engineer they should be able to drop out of science, and depending upon what type of coding they want to do they should be able to drop out of math as well. It could work for any line of work the kid wanted to do, and I think a system like that would boast a higher success rate for students, as they could already have more or equal experience in whatever line of work they want to do than someone graduating college.
    So yes, students shouldn't be cheating, but if they know what they want to do later in life and they are working towards their dreams you should cut them some slack, they may be better off without some classes. I'm in 9th grade, learning HTML and CSS, and to be honest Science and Math are completely useless to me, but I still have to do them. To put it into perspective, if I could drop Math and Science, I could have already learned HTML, CSS, Javascript and probably more, be earning at a minimum $30,000 a year doing freelance coding and be making upwards of $100,000 a year by the time I reach college, but with the classes I'm forced into it will probably take me a few more years to learn enough to even begin freelancing.
    So your point of "cheating wont get you anywhere in life" is complete bullsh*t for someone who knows what they want to do. Sorry to break it to you, but you're not always going to be right just because your a teacher. You should listen to what students have to say, because sometimes they may be smarter than you think. <3
    - Ded1nside on Twitch

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  11. @Ms.Brown we wouldn't cheat if this work wasn't so damn useless

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  12. Ms. Brown, Where will we see this in the real world. "NO WHERE" that's what i thought. kids nowadays wanna be basketball players, actor/actress, comedians, football players, etc. what does "Identify one of the darker actions examined in a story or drama from this unit. In what piece is the action highlighted? What intentions or emotions prompt the action? How would the story or drama change if the character involved were able to overcome the darker impulse and indulge a higher intention" have to do with the careers that kids what.

    And for REED.

    why peach didn't get her answer? huh? its been years since then. You told the girl to be patient, but looks where being "patient" got her. NO ANSWER!
    this is crazy to me.

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  13. man this answer r savage XD

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  14. does anyone know the actual answer??

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  15. Reading this thread has been one of the funniest things I have read.
    Also, it's been a full 2 years for peach to get her damn answer, and I need it too lol
    3rd: Mrs. Brown, If the education was so useful I wouldn't be cheating, but since the system is garbage and doesn't help you in the future, here we are.
    Also Dead1nside, valid point

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  16. I love how da only person that was like “no don’t do dis it’s bad unu” was a literal teacher. I wonder what they teach in.. anyways I’m only here cuz I’m legit looking for help on it too lmfaoooo

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  18. i love how its been almost five years and there still isn't an answer lmao

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  19. I know what I want to in life but why do we need to fill out our 4 or 6 year plan then be put into classes that will not help us?

    Not one single person will come up to me and ask anything about the lottery or romeo and juliet. So why do we even have to read this.......

    We should be able to choose what we like to read or do. I bet grades in school would go up.

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  20. Uh...is mayonnaise an instrument?

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  21. bruh moment

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  22. In "The Most Dangerous Game", the dark action would be that General Zaroff decides to hunt humans for sport. There are many intentions like fear of death, anger at being hunted and the need to survive. The story would change if Rainsford decided not to participate, and just sat down instead of being hunted.

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  23. Things like science and questions for essays like this that we get in English are to be considered useless if you have no need for the information when you're older. However, most of what you learn in math can be helpful like dividing and knowing your multiples. After you've learned most of that, I agree that most of what I've been learning since then is pointless to what I want to do for the future. When on earth will I need to find Pi times X divided by 9.7? Unless I'm becoming a math teacher or professor, I find it unlikely that I'll need that information. Also, Ms. Brown's question is also completely irrelevant to what the original person wrote, since they said in it that they weren't asking the person to write it for them, they just needed guidance. So, that brings up another question. Wouldn't that mean that whenever Ms. Brown's students ask her for help, she assumes they are cheating? Are Ms. Brown's students looked down on by her when they ask for help? Because if that is so, I sense a much bigger problem with Ms. Brown than anyone who came here to "cheat". Tch, fool...

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  24. Mr brown school is the worst thing in the world, it’s like slavery and tbh who needs this in life. I can go 100 years without needing to use any of this bull stuff we use right now, like school is so bad to the point where it starts DEPRESSION LIKE HOW DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT

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  25. I love this comment thread

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  26. I'm legit dead

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  27. this is the messiest thing i have ever read on here

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  28. hm

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  29. Lmfaoooo still no answer

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