College Chemistry

For the reaction that occurs in the voltaic cell
use data from Appendix D in the textbook to answer the following questions:

a)Determine the equation for the cell reaction

b)Determine E0 cell

c)Determine ΔG0

d)Determine K

I'm not sure how to do the problems, so if it's okay, can I get explanations and answers to see how to do the problem. Thank you and I'm sorry for all the problems.

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  1. I don't mind helping you through it but tell me what you know about this. Just working the problem won't help you.

    I assume part a means the equation for the SPONTANEOUS REACTION or is it the reaction for the way the cell is set up (and that could be spontaneous).
    So determine the cell voltage for
    Fe^2+ + Cr^3+ ==> Fe^3+ + Cr^2+
    and that is part b.

    c is dG = -nFEo

    d is dG = -RTnK

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  2. I think the half reactions are:

    Fe2+ --> Fe3+ + 1e Oxidation?

    Cr3+ + 1e --> Cr2+ Reduction?

    I don't know the E0 for each...

    and I know to be spontaneous: E0cathode-E0anode
    where it is postive...

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