I need help correcting my math homework. I have been out sick and was told that I have to have it done by monday and I missed alot. I don't know how to do this. It's surface areas and volume and solids and triangle and prisms.

asked by Asa
  1. Please post two or three of your problems. Show us how you think they can be solved. Be sure to check your book to be sure.

    Someone will be glad to help you then.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. What is the surface area of a pyramid whose base is a square with sides measuring 15 yards and with a slant height of 18 yards?

    Determining the volume of a cone to the nearest tenth, if the diameter of the base is 50.8 cm and the cone is 76.2 cm tall.
    .3x50.8x76.2 = 38611.1 cm^3

    A model scale has a scale of 1 cm = 30 cm and a volume of 200 cm^3. Find the volume of the actual solid. 30cm x 200 cm^3 = 6000 cm^3

    posted by Asa
  3. So I guess no one could help me. We already turned our books in so I can't even look at that an this is due tomorrow. Well thank you anyway.

    posted by Anonymous

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