Algebra III / Core II

It has been since the beginning of last year since I last did this math and the teacher I currently have is a sub and doesn't know what the heck she's doing either - so if anyone can help me, that'd be oh so amazing!

a. Solve d=rt in terms of d and t.

b. solve p=4q + 12r for q in terms of p and r.

c. aikcw u=5v/w in terms of u and v. Then solve for v in terms of u and w.

d. express the relation 6x + 4y= 24 in an equivalent form where y is a function of x.

e. Express the relation P=VT/R in an equivalent form where T is a function of P, V, and R.

f. For right /_\ABC, tan B=b/a. Solve this equation for b and then for a.

If you understand what the heck they are asking, then you are ahead of me because I am at square zero here. I already asked for help from the teacher and she walked away :S any answers and help would be great! :D

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