I don't know how to do Titration problems! I have an emergency homework assignment that's crucial to my grade! Please help with tips and step by step response! Please help!-

50ml of 0.3 M KOH are required to titrate 60 ml of H^2SO^4. What is the M of the H^2SO^4?
60 ml of 1.2 M NaOH are required to titrate 40 ml of HF. What is thje M of the HF?
What volume of 0.40 M NaOH would be required to titrate 100 ml of 0.25 M HCl?
40 ml of 0.1 M H^3PO^4 are required to titrate 150 ml of NaOH to the equivalence point. What is the M of the NaOH?
55 ml of 1.2 M H C^2H^3CO^2 are used to titrate a sampleof 0.67 M Ba(OH)^2. What is the volume of the Ba(OH)^2 used?
90 ml of 0.25 M Ca(OH)^2 are required to titrate 100 ml of HCL. What is the M of the HCL?
50ml of 0.45M Sr(OH)^2 are required to titrate a .75 M H^2SO^4 sample. What is the volume of the H^2SO^4?
Would it take more 0.1 M HCL or 0.1 M H^2SO^4 to neutralize 30ml of NaOH?

If some of them are the same please just explain it to me so I can be able to do one on my own. :) Thank you!!
And these are ^ i call them carrots if i put them there that means that its a little number on the bottom of the whole number.

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  1. Here is the process that will work EVERY ONE of the titration problems. In fact it will work ALL of the stoichiometry problems, bar none. By the way, most of us here use carets to denote an exponent. No caret means it is a coefficient OR a subscript. Placed BEFORE the equation it is a coefficient, after an element it is a subscript.

    First, the process.
    1. Write and balance the equation.
    2. Convert what you have to mols. If you have grams, mols = grams/molar mass. If you have volume, mols = M x L = ?
    3. Using the coefficients in the balanced equation, convert mols of what you have to mols of what you want.
    4. Now convert what you have calculated to whatever is needed;i.e., you have mols so you can use M = mols/L to convert to M or L(depending upon the question) OR to grams using g = mols x molar mass (again depending upon the question).

    Here is question 1 and I will go through step by step.

    50ml of 0.3 M KOH are required to titrate 60 ml of H^2SO^4. What is the M of the H^2SO^4?

    Step 1. 2KOH + H2SO4 ==> 2H2O + K2SO4

    Step 2. mols KOH = M x L = 0.3 M x 0.050 L = 0.015 mols KOH.

    Step 3. 0.015 mols KOH x (1 mol H2SO4/2 mols KOH) = 0.015 x
    1/2 = 0.0075 mols H2SO4

    Step 4. M H2SO4 = mols H2SO4/L H2SO4.
    M = 0.0075/0.060 = 0.125M
    So the molarity of the H2SO4 is 0.125 M.

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  2. olk

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  3. thanks/

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