Science help urgent :/

What has been the general trend in human population growth?

A.) The human population has decreased.

b.) The human population has remained constant.

C.) The human population has grown exponentially.

d.) The human population has increased and then decreased significantly.

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  1. And your answer is?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I myself believe it is probably D? Can someone help on this one also??? I have this question too.

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  3. The answer for you is C.
    Have a Nice day!

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  4. Gib me all deh ansas

    or I speet on yu

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  5. This is crazy hard
    Have two Fs

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  6. pls someone tell me the rest of the test anwsers!!!!!!!

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  7. Hey Its for USA test prep and I believe the answer is C since I think we are close to almost 8 billion now.

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