History/ Civics

1.How did the capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi, take advantage of a Confederate weakness?

A-The Confederacy had few soldiers and relied on its well-trained generals to win battles.

B- The Confederacy had few weapons manufacturers and relied on Vicksburg for ammunition.

C- The Confederacy had few railroads and relied on the Mississippi River for transportation.

D- The Confederacy had few ships and relied on Vicksburg to build and maintain them.

2.Which of these actions did President Lincoln take at the beginning of the Civil War?
A-He declared martial law throughout the nation.
B- He imprisoned congressional representatives from the South.
C- He issued a declaration of war without the consent of Congress.
D- He used his emergency powers to suspend the writ of habeas corpus.

3.How did Maryland's political status during the Civil War reflect that of other border states?
A-President Lincoln suspended habeas corpus to keep Maryland in the union.
B-Maryland was a slave state that remained part of the union.
C- Most of the battles of the Civil War were fought in Maryland.
D-Part of Maryland declared independence from the state to join the union.

4.General William Tecumseh Sherman's March to the Sea was made possible by the Union capture of which of these Southern cities?
B- Gettysburg
C- Richmond
D- Vicksburg

5.How did Floridians vote during the presidential election of 1860?
a) they voted for pro-slavery Southern Democrat
b) they voted for the moderate Republican
c) they were split between Republicans and Southern Democrats
d) their votes went uncounted due to election fraud

6.How did the tariffs controversy expose sectional differences between the North and South?
The North manufactured goods to sell mainly in the United States, while the South survived on exports.
The North manufactured goods to sell mainly to the Southern states, but the South preferred imports.
The Southern states manufactured cotton textiles to sell in the United States, but the North survived on exports.

7.Mei-li is from China, and she would like to become a U.S. citizen. Which subjects will be included on the citizenship test Mei-li must take?

A. U.S. economics, math, and vocabulary

B. U.S. history, civics, the English language

C. U.S. geography, the English language, and reading

D. U.S. civics, economics, and math

8.Which answer best describes how many Southern states responded to the Thirteenth Amendment?
The states created new laws that further expanded the rights of the former slaves.
The states supported the Amendment and granted the former slaves all rights of citizenship.
The states created new laws that prevented former slaves from gaining equal jobs or education. The states pushed for the passing of the Fourteenth Amendment to reduce the rights of former slaves.

Which of the following best describes the Declaration of Sentiments?

a) a document that demanded equality for women based on the ideas in the Declaration of Independence
b) a public speech given by Elizabeth Cady Stanton that declared women equal to men, and demanded new reforms granting women equal rights
c) a document that listed new laws regarding women's rights that suffragists wanted the federal government to pass
d) an article written by Lucretia Mott that discussed women's rights reform that gathered public attention about the issue of equality for women

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