Should the first letter of these words be capitalized in this sentence or not? I'm quoting them from a poem, and they are not capitalized there. Should I add a comma before "diverged"?

The words "diverged," "both," and "another day" refer to decisions we have to make in life.

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  1. No. They should not be capitalized. I wouldn't put a comma before diverged.

  2. Ms. Sue is correct. In a poem, one line seldom is a complete sentence, but is continued in two or more lines. Only the first word of a sentence should be capitalized. Sometimes poems do not use compete sentences, so capitalization is up to the poet, not us to "correct" for him/her. "Correct" rules of grammar often do not apply to poetry. The poet had something in mind, and that's for him/her to decide.

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    posted by Reed

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