1. The sum of the ages of two brothers is 46. The younger brother is 10 more than a third of the older brother's age. How old is the younger brother?

2. You have 59 total coins for a total of $12.05. You only have quarters and dimes. How many of each coin do you have?

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  1. y = 10 + x/3
    y + x = 46 so y = 46 - x

    46 - x = 10 + x/3

    36 = 4 x/3
    x = 27
    y = 46-27 = 19
    25 q + 10 d = 1205
    d = 59 - q
    25 q + 590 - 10 q = 1205

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    posted by Damon

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