Physics. URGENT Help Please

What is the separation of colors in a rainbow produced by?
(Points : 1)
different diffraction for different wavelengths

different interference for different wavelengths <---

different refraction for different wavelengths

difference in total internal reflection for different wavelengths

Question 5.5. A ray of red light traveling through air strikes a block of quartz at an angle of incidence of 40°. If that light travels through the quartz and then enters a large crystal of sodium chloride (salt), what is the angle of refraction of the light in the sodium chloride? Quartz has an index of refraction of 1.46, while sodium chloride's index of refraction is 1.54.
(Points : 1)


40° <---


Question 6.6. Light striking an object with index of refraction 1.24 has wavelength 440 nm. What is the wavelength of light in the object?
(Points : 1)
355 nm

546 nm

440 nm <--

220 nm

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  1. The last question is. 355 nm b/c 440/1.24= 355 but I still need help on the other questions please

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  2. different refraction for different wavelengths


    355 nm

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  3. 5.5- is actually 25°
    6.6-is 355 nm
    The other question u were correct

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