us history

Which of these actions did President Lincoln take at the beginning of the Civil War?

He declared martial law throughout the nation.

He imprisoned congressional representatives from the South.

He issued a declaration of war without the consent of Congress.

He used his emergency powers to suspend the writ of habeas corpus.

is it b

pls help me

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  1. No. It's not b.

  2. How could he do that? The southern states seceded and the Congressmen went home, behind enemy lines.

    The very fact of y giving you this link gives you the answer, but please read it so you understand the issue:

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  3. is it c or d

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  4. its d

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  5. Read the article, Oscar. You should understand what happened and why. It could happen again, in fact has in a way, and it's important. Yes it's D.

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