What is the most likely purpose of the essay from which the following passage was taken?
Having been raised on a dairy farm in rural Minnesota, Lorie Ann Kline was having trouble adjusting to life
in the city and to Central High School. In a conference with her parents, the school guidance counselor
explained that Lorie Ann avoided talking to her fellow students and sat by herself in the lunchroom.
Perhaps most disturbing, her grades were not what one would expect given her high scholastic aptitude
scores. Mrs. Kline agreed that Lorie Ann was often shy around strangers. A solemn Mr. Kline explained
that his daughter had been severely bullied by two older children who had lived at the farm for a short time.
The guidance counselor nodded in understanding.
A. To argue for urban over rural life
B. To tell the life story of Lorie Ann Kline
C. To inform people about the work of guidance counselors
D. To point out the harm done by bullies

my answer d.

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asked by Jesica
  1. I think you are right.

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    posted by Reed
  2. Jesica, the end of any piece of writing contains the point the writer want to make, or to leave the reader with. That applies to a passage like this, an essay, a novel, a work of history, a scientific paper...any kind of writing.

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    posted by Reed
  3. Thanks Reed.

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    posted by Jesica

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