Math for Trish To Help Me With

Factor the following. You will earn 5 points for each polynomial that is factored correctly. Please label your individual answers with a – f.

a.) 4x2 - 25

b.) 3x2 + 6y

c.) x^2 - 7x + 10

d.) 2x^2 - 9x – 18

e.) 2ax + 6bx + ay + 3by

f.) 6x^2 + 12x – 48
*Can you help me with all of them.?

Do you have any of the answers that you've tried on your own first? Maybe then I could tell you if they are right, or even where you are going wrong. :)

It's just I only have 4 minutes left and then I have to get off.Can't you just tell me please?How about this I will do the last 2 but can you do the rest.?

I actually got 10 more minutes but can you still do them because now I have 8 minutes left....

Okay, go ahead and show me what you got on the last two.

ok but are you going to do the other ones.?

I'm working on them. I just don't want to hand you the answers. I'm still in school, and it's just that I always wanted answers to be fed to me, too, but I've come to find that by test day, it was a terrible idea.

ok;but while you are working on those can you please check this to see if it is correct.?

Use the following quadratic equation to complete parts a – c below.
3x^2 + 2x - 5 = 0.

a. Solve by factoring.
b. Solve using the quadratic formula.
c. Describe the relationship between your answers for parts a and b.

Here is what I got:
c.The relationship between these 2 are that they both have negatives.

The factors are wrong. You need a five in the last parenthesis.

here is what I got:
e.) 2ax + 6bx + ay + 3by = (2a+6b)(x+3y)

f.) 6x^2 + 12x – 48 = (3x+12)(2x-4)
*Is this correct.?


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asked by Margie

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