Social Studies-Great Depression

2. Which of the following were efforts to help struggling Americans? (choose all that apply 3 points)

a Hoover's strong policies for economic reform and government restructure
b breadlines **
c campaigns to raise money**
d assistance from private charities**

4. Which of the following caused the Great Depression? (Choose all that apply 3 points)

a the Stock Market Crash**
b a large gap between the rich and the
c low unemployment**
d industrial and agricultural

5. Which of the following is true about
the 1920? (Choose all that apply 2
a Women began to work outside the home**
b Automobiles became more expensive
c The Ku Klux Klan lost supporters
d African Americans moved north in **
search of jobs and less segregation

Please help

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asked by BUBBLES
  1. I disagree that Hoover's plans included breadlines. They did include private charities, which vthe breadlines with food. Low unemployment did not contribute to the Depression; the gap between rich and poor was VERY wide in the 1920s, as it is in 2015. Women already were working outside the home, but more so after World War I, so that may be considered correct. Your other choices seem to be correct.

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    posted by Reed
  2. I'm going to clear this up but make sure to read more about the topic! It would be stupid not to :P lol
    1. A + C
    2. B + C + D
    3. C + D
    4. A + B + D
    5. A + D
    When you fill in the answers it might help you to think about why these answers are correct! I've seen a lot of questions on this and I took the quiz a week ago so why not clear up the confusion xD Make sure to study a lot next time ^^

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    posted by Lilly
  3. Lilly is right! I got 100%! I just came on here to check my answers and I was right! Thanks Lilly for giving the answersπŸ€—!

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    posted by Mac N 🧀
  4. Yep Lilly is right. I got 12/12! Thanks boo!

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    posted by JEG

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