Three Branches

Compare and Contrast The three branches of government.

Please help i have read on plenty of websites and i found the contrast just not the compares

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  1. I see your difficulty. What the legislative, executive and judicial branches have in common is power and responsibility within their own spheres. They are equal in having influence over what the national government does and how it does it. Does that help your thinking on the matter?

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  2. Another comparison: All three are involved in the development and execution of laws. Congress enacts the laws, but the executive may propose them and executes them, and the courts may rule a law or a presidential action unconstitutional as they interpret the laws. All three are involved.

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  3. thank you so much!!!

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  4. You are most welcome! I hope it helps. Ms. Sue may have some good ideas, too, if she sees this and chooses to chime in. Keep an eye out! :)

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  5. Branches

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  6. I still have not gotten my answer

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