o level mathematics

in a class of 35, all the pupils play at least 1 game, volleyball, netball and hockey. volleyball only 10, those who play netball only 5, those who play hockey only 3, if 2 play all 3 games how many altogether play volleyball

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  1. Draw your Venn diagram.
    The intersection of all 3 circles is 2
    The other 3 numbers are placed outside any intersections.

    So, that means we have accounted for 20 of the 35 students.

    The other 15 can play any combination of two of the games, or just one game.

    So, there could be anywhere from 10+2+15=27 to 10+2=12 who play volleyball.

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  2. 20 play volley ball altogether

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  3. 20

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