Can someone please help me do the following problems? I don't care for the answers, I just wanna know how to do this stuff. I am always forgetting how to do certain things in math.
1)ABCD is a rhombus with diagonals intersecting at E. If m<ABC= 4m<BAD, find m<EBC.

2)The length of the median of trapezoid EFGH is 17 centimeters. If the bases have lengths 2x+4 and 8x-50, find x.

3) If the slope AB is 1/2, the slope of BC is -4, and the slope of CD is 1/2, find the slope of DA so that ABCD is a parallelogram.

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  1. This are the ones I still can't figure out how to do.

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  2. Oh, nevermine about's easy. I already figured out by reading it again. Sorry. It's just the other two I don't know how to solve

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  3. 2. Median of trapezoid = Sum of bases divided by 2

    ------> x=8

    2(8)+4 + 8(8)-50 =17
    16+4 + 64-50 = 17
    20+14 = 17
    34/2= 17

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