english composition 2

Which statement best illustrates the nature of a Bildungsroman?

a. The hero of the story never seems to understand his own fault.

b. In Caldwell novel, her protagonist, Lucille seeks the approval of seriously slimy characters

c. The hero in the story stand like a rock against tides of change that never touch him

d. In Caldwell’s novel her protagonist Lucille overcomes many obstacles to achieve her goals.

I chose C but i also think it can be A

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  1. It can't be C because a Bildungsroman shows growth of the protagonist.

    I doubt if it's A because heroes understand their faults -- at least some times.

    I'm not familiar with Caldwell's novel.


  2. You do not need to be familiar with it, it’s likely just a pretend novel that was thrown out in the answers. Basically, the question is asking which one of these answers illustrates what a Bildungsroman is. A Bildungsroman is about the growth of the protagonist Both Morally and psychologically. I chose D because if the protagonist is going to grow, she would have to overcome many obstacles to make that happen. Seems like the best fitting answer

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