Compare and contrast the ideas and policies, domestic and foreign, of Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson. Where can I find information that compares their domestic policies?
-My Answer so far: Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson were all progressive reformers, but their foreign policies were comparable. Roosevelt’s foreign policy was the “Big Stick Policy.” Speak softly and carry a big stick; he used the American Navy as his stick. Taft’s policy was “Dollar Diplomacy.” “Dollar Diplomacy” was a method of maintaining balance by having the United States invest business in other countries, so if one were to disrupt a country that had invested in, the United States would supposedly step in. Wilson’s foreign policy was the “Moral Diplomacy” where he tried to spread democracy to the World. All three policies had their “ups and downs.”

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  1. You're correct. For further info, try these:

    http://www.answers.com › … › History › History of the United States




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  2. That "answers.com" site I a bit hard to use. For TR, here's a concise description of his policies:


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