what did reconstruction fail to do in south carolina?
A.readmit the state to the union
B.establish the belief in white supremecy among some group
C.return control of state politicsto local leaders
D.free african americans from slavery?

I Got C but im not sure? is it right

what was the effect of the grandfather clause,the eight box law, and poll taxes in south carolina?
A.they limited the voting rights of blacks?
B,they restricted poor whites without land from voting
C.they ptevented blacks from getting elected to congress.
D.they made conditions between balcks and whites?

I think its B??? help plz

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  1. Your first answer is correct, but the second one is wrong.

  2. D.they made conditions between balcks and whites?

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  3. i think A

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  4. Sorry I didn't specify which one i think A is for. I think A for question number 2

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  5. alright thank you!!!

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