social studies 8th

Which of the following are informal powers of the governor? Choose all that apply. (2 points)
serving as spokesperson for the state***
acting as honorary head of his or her political party
commanding the state's military forces***
proposing an annual budget for the state

am i right? ***

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  1. No.

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  2. a

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  3. Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader who practiced which peaceful method of conflict resolution? (1 point)
    nonviolent civil disobedience


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  4. d is not right about an informal power of a governor.

    C is wrong about Dr. King.

  5. A,B?

    AND B

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  6. A and B about the informal power of a governor.

  7. Commanding a state's military force is also not informal.

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  8. yes

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  9. A and B are correct about the governor.

  10. thanks Ms. Sue and Reed

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  11. What about the Dr. King question?

  12. its b i took the test i got 100%

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  13. :-)

  14. check my other question please?

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  15. Yo anyone got the fat A for the. Steps in criminal justice system and juviniles quiz. I would really appreciate it :)

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