The line x 7y=5 cuts the circle x^2 y^2=15 at the points P & Q. Find: a) P & Q. b) the midpoint of PQ.

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  1. What mean x 7 y = 5 ?

    x - 7 y = 5

    x + 7 y = 5

    x ^ 7 y = 5

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  2. there's a plus sign in btw x & 7y, d system prolly removed it.

    x plus 7y=5
    x^2 plus y^2=15

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  3. Put x=5-7y
    Substitute in the circle
    Solve for the two values of y.
    Find corresponding values of x to give two ordered pairs which are solutions to (a) for P and Q.
    For (b), use the mid-point formula
    M=((x1+x2)/2, (y1+y2)/2)

    If you need further help, please post where you're up to and where you're stuck. You're welcome to post your answers for checking.

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  4. To solve for the two values of y

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