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Flying to the wind, an airplane takes 4 hours to go 960 km. The same plane flying with the wind takes only 3 hours to make the same trip. Find the speed of the plane and the speed of the wind.

I wasn't here for the lesson from my teacher but told me to ask my classmates but there not replying to me. I know distance = speed over time. I tryed using the substituion method but idk i just mess up. Thanks.

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  1. You have to consider the speed of the plane without wind and the speed of the wind itself

    Let the speed of the plane in still air be x km/h
    le the speed of the wind be y km/h

    so going with the wind -- speed is x+y mph
    going against the wind -- speed is x - y mph

    2 equations:
    4(x-y) = 960
    4x - 4y = 960
    x - y = 240 ----- #1

    3(x+y) = 960
    3x + 3y = 960
    x + y = 320 ----#2

    these are easy to solve, just add them and after that its simple

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