Ms.Sue, I need your assisting please. Can you please give me advice on this Chipolatta Culture Music, I need you. Thank you.
The Chipolatta music instruments consist of things like, drums, flutes, and other percussion instruments including their voices which can be heard throughout the whole village. Even though the music is influenced by the American lifestyle, there is still a presence of the belief-system that make up the culture of these Chipolatta people. Music is always attended, by drums. There are types of drums and jangles are the leader percussion instruments. The Chipolatta listen to wind instruments for whistles and flutes. The Chipolatta express their music, sense of hearing through tone and rhythm. Although their musical experience is this recreation ground of sound. However, the traditionally is music meaning of communicating with songs such as bringing of rain and skirmish. The Chipolatta music is passing on to one generation to another generation: ritual is something like dreams and modern music. The Chipolatta music beliefs its own as art when listened to it for their own purpose.

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  1. So, what is your question? This looks like a description of how this particular culture makes music, blending "western/American" influences with their own traditions. What is the question?

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  2. The question is, Is it good enough my project or do I need to add more or fix anything? What you think if it was your course project? Approve/ Disapprove. Why?

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  3. It's o.k., Jimmy.

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  4. Yes, I think so, too, Jimmy.

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  5. Thank you both so much.

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  6. You are welcome.

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  7. Always, Jimmy. You seem to be a good student, so it's worth TRYING to help you. :)

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