In to Kill A Mockingbird, what happened to Dill's father? At the beginning Dill mentions he didn't have a father but when Scout pressures him he says his father is not dead. Later, he mentions his father owning the railway ( a story that he made up?). I do know he gets a stepfather later on. Is it that Dill''s father left the family/divorced Dill's mother/doesn't care for Dill?

It's my second time reading this book and I can't figure it out >.<

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  1. The story never tells us what happened to Dill's father, only that he doesn't have one in his life, that he stays with his Aunt Rachel every summer, and that he is passed around among the relatives the rest of the year, presumably because his mother must work for a living and is unable to care for her child.

    Considering the era (1930's, The Great Depression) and Dill's age, he would have been born during the Roaring '20's - a time when having a child born out of wedlock would not have been unheard of but still considered shameful, especially in the Bible Belt, and doubly so if the father took off rather than take responsibility. Because Jem hushed Scout before details could be provided, I am of the opinion that this is the case, especially when you consider Aunt Alexandra's reaction to him.

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  2. jai sri

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