Latin I

1. Estne in Campania?
a. where is Campania?
b. he is in Campania, isn't he?
c. he is not in Campania, is he?
d. Is he in Campania?

2. Vesuviusne populum terruit?
a. did vesuvius frighten the people?
b. Vesuvius did not frighten the people, did it?
c. Vesuvius did frighten the people, didn't it?
d. were the people frightened by Vesuvius?

3. Nonne familiae in casis mansuerunt?
a. which families remained in the houses?
b. the families remained in the houses, didn't they?
c. aren't the families going to remain in the houses?
d. the families will remain in the houses, won't they?

4.Cur navigavisti
a. why did you sail?
b. when are you sailing?
c. you are sailing aren't you?
d. who sailed?

5. Num est Vesuvius nunc ibi?
a. vesuvius is not now there, is it?
b. where is vesuvius now?
c. isn't vesuvius there now?
d. is vesuvius there now?

I think the answers are

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  1. 1-4 -- I agree

    I think 5 is right, but I'm not 100% sure.

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  2. 5 was A

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