Solve. Simplify your answer. Type an exact answer using radicals as needed.
y^2 + 31 = 12y
y = {8.236067978, 3.763932022}
1. y =(12-√20)/2=6-√ 5 = 3.764
2. y =(12+√20)/2=6+√ 5 = 8.236
Which would be the correct way to answer this equation, the first set, or the numbered set or is this the wrong answer altogether?

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  1. y^2 - 12y + 31 = 0
    clearly , it does not factor, so let's use the formula
    y = (12 ± √20)/2
    = (12 ± 2√5)/2
    = 6 ± √5

    So what do you think?

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