1.find the three terms in the sequence

2.write a rule for the sequence 4,8,16,32

3.find the first-four terms of the sequence represented by the expressed sequence 3n + 5.

4.a gas station charges 2.19 per gallon of gas.use function note ration to describe the relationship between the total coat c(g) and the number of gallons purchased g

4.use the tion rule f(x)=3 *2.find the output f(1.5)

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  1. i cant get around the test,it like 50% of my grade and its due today,i know the rest of the questions,and these are not the first questions theses are the last ones im stuck with:(

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  2. my answers. can u check them?

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  3. nobody wants to help me,this is my first time on this site,and nobody answers :***(

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  4. 1. I do not know. Are you finding three terms, before the 30 in the sequence? -(This would be: 54, 46,38) Or, are you finding the next three terms of the sequence? -(This would be: -2, -10, -18)

    2. It is basically multiplying each term by 2 to get the next term.

    2 x 4 = 8
    2 x 8 = 16
    2 x 16 = 32

    3. Correct.

    4. Correct.

    5. I do not know. I may work on this one more.

    I hope this helps? :)

    P.S. Please be more patient in the future, and please try to not do things with a timer. Timed things just don't work well on this site, so please stick with non-timed things for this website. I am just trying to give you some tips that I have learned from posting on this website.

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  5. Thanks:)You are very helpful
    p.s i got the answers to the ones you did not know!:)

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  6. You're welcome! :)

    I am glad you got the answers for the other two as well.

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  7. Well, technically. It's the systems/teachers fault for making things so difficult.
    This is like high school stuff, and half you will never use. They just use this as an excuse to keep you in school longer then you have to.

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  8. There are you happy now that I have given you ALL the answers.
    Jeez, just use your brain...

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  9. it is right thx a all

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  10. is it still relevant?

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  11. it's not
    are the first few i got

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  12. Lesson 10: Patterns and Rules Unit Test
    Math 7B Unit 3: Patterns and Rules

    20. ESSAY: Easiest to put it, but explain more in your own words: look at b: each increase is 0.8. You can take 4.6-3.8 and you get 0.8. You can go from there.

    21. ESSAY: Again, put in your own words. Look at each point. Rita rode faster at each point. At the final point, the 8 blocks, Rita also rode faster. Rita ended up riding her bike at an average of 1 minute per block. (8 blocks in 8 minutes) When Juan rode his bike at an average of 2 minutes per block. (8 blocks in 16 minutes)

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  13. Sorry, forgot to add Part 2:
    Essay: Write in your own way.
    function rule is d=rt
    d=90 x 25
    d=2,250 ft/sec

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  14. Is he right?

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  15. Is he right lol

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  16. I'm really nervous to try his answer then fail right away. Can someone tell me if he right?

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  17. Just saying.. "I'm 100% Correct" Is right, haha.

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  18. I flunked my test ;-;

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  19. hes wrong

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  20. i will post the correct answers as soon as i can

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  21. guysss helppp

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  22. The right ones are

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