A test of 60 minutes contains questions on mathematics and english only. the time taken to solve a mathematics question is twice the time taken to answer an english question and the ratio of time taken to solve all mathematics questions to time taken to answer all english questions is 8/7.

If the total number of question is 22, how many english questions can be aanswered in 18 minutes?

Please help me with this.

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  1. If there are m math questions which take 2x minutes each,
    and e english questions which take x minutes each,

    2xm + xe = 60

    2xm/xe = 8/7
    14xm = 8xe

    m+e = 22

    x(2m+e) = 60
    x(8m+4e) = 240
    x(15m) = 240
    xm = 16

    2xm + xe = 60
    32 + xe = 60
    xe = 28

    xm+xe = 22x
    16+28 = 22x

    So, english questions take 2 minutes each to answer.

    The above equations were just as they occurred to me. They can probably be rearranged in a more coherent format.

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  4. You had to substitute x as 18 minutes and find e.

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