language arts

which of the following passages from the text suggests that johnny is becoming less self centered? (chapter 8, Johnny Tremain)
1. Johnny liked the old woman all the better that in the end she had been unable to see a consider master..humiliated, tossed about, torn by a mob
2. "I'm better off without it. I want nothing of them. Neither their blood nor their silver..."
3. Only Isannah was staring about, observing the "lower classes" milling about in the street. She looked straight at Johnny and he at her. Neither gave any sign of recognition
4. He took his knife from his pocket and cut the pages from the family bible. Sometime they might be used of him.
is it a?

asked by ben
  1. I would pick 2.

    posted by PsyDAG
  2. ok. are you sure? I was thinking 1. Thanks for you r help!

    posted by Anonymous
  3. I suggest you go back and reread those parts of the book -- and then you can decide whether you or PsyDAG is correct.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. what do you think Mrs. sue?

    posted by Anonymous
  5. I don't know. I read this book almost 70 years ago.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  6. Ms Sue's advice is good. I've never read the book, but could not say which passage shows less self-centeredness out of the context of the book. Go back and re-read for context.

    posted by Reed
  7. I got 1 and it was right.

    posted by no one
  8. 2 100% right

    posted by Anonymous
  9. Number 2 is correct

    posted by Amy
  10. 1. B
    2. B
    3. C
    4. B
    5. A
    Enjoy the answers

    posted by 318-461-5265
  11. thank you, those answers are right I got 100% on my quick check! I promise I'm not lying.

    posted by reality check
  12. Thanks 318-461-5265. Although it's not really smart to put up your phone number on the internet...

    posted by LadyPhantomhive
  13. Really 318-461-5265? Are you really that stupid, or are you just putting a fake number up there? Either way, someone is calling someone's number, which could be...whats the word...unsafe.

    posted by Don't Worry :)
  14. Yeah 318-461-5265, that is very reckless of you.

    posted by 867-5309/Jenny
  15. you just did the same thing without the arae code.
    all someone has to do is try every area code with that number jenny.
    Weird creepy who hack stuff and stalk people could ping your cellphone or home phone.
    word of advice...dont do it at all. area code or not.

    posted by Pacman
  16. Thanks for the answers I got 100%!!

    posted by rose
  17. Thanks alot guys. I got a 100%.=)=)=)

    posted by Awesomness
  18. Thanks For The 100& :)

    posted by ConnectionsAcademyIsTheWorst
  19. 100%

    posted by ConnectionsAcademyIsTheWorst
  20. @pacman its a song

    posted by Anonymous
  21. b

    posted by boo
  22. Yes, 318-461-5265 is correct.
    Down with FLCA!

    posted by Dick
  23. @Pacman and every other person hounding the people with the numbers as there name. Just let it be.It's there stupidity. Not yours! If some creep or something comes on here finds it a searches for them OH WELL! It's literally their fault. They are the idiots who put their number on the internet. BUT you are right it is stupid and they were stupid to do it. Your basically throwing yourself out there. But if you people want to be stupid and put you numbers on the internet GO AHEAD! HAVE FUN! :) #PeopleNowADays

    posted by Bruh
  24. Ya guys don't be putting up your phone number here it's very immature and you shouldn't be doing it. Morons.

    posted by 812-707-9814
  25. No numbers guys don't be stupid

    posted by 751-3948
  26. Thanks for the answers ;)

    posted by Connections Academy
  27. B
    These are correct.

    posted by Erwin
  28. Erwin is right! Thanks

    posted by Wolfart
  29. Hey @Wolfart,
    You're doing Connections Academy stuff late too? Same. I'm pretty sure it has to be done by tomorrow. XD

    posted by ;-;
  30. Ms. Sue, not to be disrespectful, but how old are you?

    posted by Ms. Sue is Great!
  31. 1:b

    those are the correct answers, enjoy!

    posted by sasuke uchiha
  32. call me at 7203343592

    posted by hey
  33. just wondering, why are you choosing to put your phone number on here? No one's gonna call you if you beg for attention. Just stating facts here.

    posted by CrankthatCringeDaddy
  34. b b c b a is correct. Thanks everyone!

    posted by BananaMan
  35. People stop putting your numbers omg

    posted by 9-9 nevermind
  36. Correct answers for Connexus unit 4 lesson 9 8th grade.

    posted by Hi!!!
  37. ok, 867-5309/jenny is a song name! they didnt give out their number! also yeah the answers are (b b c b a) oof-

    posted by I didn't ask for your opinion

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