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I thought my other one was to long so I decided to shorten up the questions.. Please check (:
Choose the sentence that uses the word "cultivate" as is used in the sentence from the novel below "novel is Johnny Tremain"
1. As soon as Johnny began to cultivate Dove, he was surprised at the response.
A. The farmer sought to cultivate a garden of vegetables to feed his family
B. The young boy sought to cultivate a friendship with the master silversmith in hopes of getting an apprenticeship ***
C. The wealthy man could afford to cultivate a taste for fine food and expensive clothes
D. Some colonists decide to cultivate the land while other decide to start businesses

2. Which of the following characters could be considered heroic? Select all that apply.
Paul Revere ***
*** means my answer choice

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asked by anonymous
  1. I agree.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. #1 is right and #2 is pumpkin and paul revere

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    posted by Anonymous
  3. 1-b
    2-pumpkin and paul revere
    trust me 100% :)

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    posted by the answer giver :)
  4. the answer giver is right i just took it

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    posted by life sucks
  5. the answer giver :) is correct especially if you're using connexus.

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    posted by Taehyunglover
  6. I can confirm these are correct

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    posted by Woltia

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