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6. She had a lengthy career as a WRITER and a FILMMAKER.
compound direct object ******
compound predicate nominative
compound subject
compound verb

7.*Few of the applicants* made it through the grueling admissions process.

Simple subject *********
complete predicate
complete subject
simple predicate

Same rules as before - my answer is highlighted with ********* Thank you

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  1. I don't see a correct answer there for #6. The direct object in that sentence is "career."

    #7 is incorrect.

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  2. These are tricky, aren't they?

    The word "as" has many meanings and uses. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/as?s=t
    In #6, the word "as" is being used as a preposition.

    What did you decide about #7?

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  3. so then is 7 complete subject? And I agree with your comment on 6 but those are our choices - and I don't know what to choose.

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  4. I know I want to make the right choice - its just hard to - I'm thinking maybe #7 is simple predicate??

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  5. Yes, #7 is the complete subject.

    I'd point out #6 to your teacher as an error. I'll take that sentence apart for you, too ~

    She - pronoun, subject
    had - main verb
    a - article
    lengthy - adjective, modifying "career"
    career - noun, direct object
    as - preposition
    a - article
    WRITER and a FILMMAKER. - compound object of the preposition "as" (with the conjunction and another article in there, too).

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  6. Think of the word "predicate" as meaning the same thing as "verb."

    In #7, the simple predicate is "made" but the complete predicate (the verb and everything that goes with it) is "made it through the grueling admissions process."

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  7. Thank you

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  8. You're welcome.

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