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Where would I add commas in these sentences?

1. My favorite authors are Toni Morrison Kristin Hannah and William Shakespeare.
2. Some people think Benjamin Franklin is a former president but he is not.
3. The new student had a tiring hectic day.
4. Indeed true happiness does not come from material objects.
5. Why are you lying to me Jacob?
6. Coach Pluen is smoking hot in my opinion.

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  1. We'll be glad to check your answers.

  2. Would the first one be after Morrison after Kristin and Hannah?
    Would the second one be after president?
    Would the third one be after tiring?
    Would the forth be after indeed?
    Would the fifth one be after me?
    Would the sixth one be after opinion?

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  3. Would the first one be after Morrison after Kristin and Hannah?
    Only after Morrison and Hannah. Kristin Hannah is one name.

    Would the second one be after president?

    Would the third one be after tiring?

    Would the forth be after indeed?

    Would the fifth one be after me?

    Would the sixth one be after opinion?
    No. A question mark goes after opinion. Comma is needed somewhere else.

  4. Would be after hot?

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  5. Yes. A comma is needed after hot.

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