A question for Ms.Sue! :P

This is just by curiosity:

Ms. Sue, have you ever asked a question or do you only answer them as the good tutor you are? It just came to my mind and who else to ask but you?

Have an AWESOME day!

asked by DerpyPegasus33
  1. No, I've never asked a question here. I can find everything I want at Google.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. Ah I see. i try to find my things on google but it always shows things that I don't need. Like once I saw a pdf of a book in another grade and house rentals, when I needed a simple math question. Well, thanks for answering that question. Don't want to take anymore of your time. BYE! Oh and thanks for helping me with my bro's birthday present. I decided on doing a book of what he likes since I like writing. (as you can see XD)

    posted by DerpyPegasus33

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