social studies

1. which of the following staments would describe a reason why the confederation government was unable to help georgia solve its problems with the indians?
it was too busy fighting foreign wars.
the president would veto any action it took.
it was a week system of government in which most power rested with individual states
it was not familiar with indian fighting methods
2. which of the following would describe why goergia wanted to negotiate for additional land from the indians?
most of the indians had sided with the patriots during the revolutionary war.
settlers had already filled up the fertile land the indians had first given georgia and needed more.
the fur trade was flourishing.
people were tired of the heat in the city and wanted to move to cooler indian lands.
3. which of the following groups of indians refused to cede land to goergia in 1783 treaty of augusta?
lower creek
upper creek
4. which of the following was instrumental in the creek resistance to the white settlers taking their land?
george washington
alexander mcgillivray
confederation government
georgia legislature


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  1. I'll be glad to check your answers.

    Please do not post guesses.

  2. Ok

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    posted by kathy
  3. 1c - yes
    2d - no
    3d - I don't know
    4c - no

  4. 2. c
    4. a

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  5. @ms.sue

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  6. 2. c -- Correct

    4, a -- wrong

    Kathy -- this is a more appropriate name because you've been posting on Jiskha for several weeks.

    Please do not post these questions again. I've checked your answers twice -- and that should be enough help.

  7. What help u are @Ms. Sue

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    posted by KK
  8. Number 2 and 4 are wrong.
    Here are the real answers:

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  9. the answers are dcda 100% i took it ur welocme

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    posted by zack
  10. Zack you are wrong. The Answers are cbdb

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  11. Anonymous is right
    i got a 100%

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  12. Anonymous and killjoy are both right

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    posted by Kendy
  13. anonymous killjoy and kendy are all right 100%

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  14. Yup you right.

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    posted by Libgem

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