Conductivity experiments indicate that tetraamminedichloropalladium (IV) chloride is composed of 3 moles of ions per mole of compound. When silver nitrate solution is added to a solution of the palladium compound, 2 moles of silver chloride per mole of compound are precipitated rapidly. What is the probable structure of the complex ion?
A. octahedral
B. square planar
C. Tetrahedral
D. Linear
E. Trigonal planar

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  1. You can see from the site below that [Pd(CO)4]^2+ is square planar; probably this is dsp2 also. Its structure with two ionizable Cl^- ions would be [Pd(NH3)4Cl2]Cl2. The palladium carbonyl complex was the closest I could come on the web.

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