Language Arts

1.)Which of the following sentences contains parallelism?
a.)We sold two bikes at the garage sale, and we also sold four chairs, as well as receiving offers for three lamps.
b.)I prefer new things, but some people like to buy things that other people have owned.
c.)A garage sale can begin in the morning or it can be an afternoon sale.
d.) At the garage sale, we sold old, used, and unwanted items.***

3.) To help establish coherence in a compare-and-contrast essay, which of the following transitions would best show a comparison between ideas?
c.) further
d.) for example
am i correct??

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  1. I agree.

  2. comparison ... likewise

    contrast ... however
    Scroll down and find the chart.

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  3. 16 QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!! is this excerpt of an expository essay organized ?
    # cause effect
    #compare contrast
    # problem solution
    #chronological order na what ever i will figure it out my self! too much time writing all them down!

  4. 1.) D
    2.) D

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  5. 1.)D
    3/3 100% correct garentee

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  6. 100%A+ thanks

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  7. ms sue could you please get off this site if i agree is all you are going to say

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  8. yup
    for connexus (number 1 is actually 2)

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  9. Yup! @Amanda Fire, @helloz, and @dude are correct!


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  10. most of the time ms.sue says i agree because the student provided there answer and it was correct. if your to incompetent to realize that you shouldn't be on this site

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  11. Ok

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  12. D

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