Social Studies help!!!!

Which step in the process of a bill becoming a law, is NOT a "floor action"?
A. A bill is referred to Senate committee
B. The House and Senate reach a compromise on a bill.
C. The Senate debates and passes its form of a bill.
D. The House and Senate approve compromise.
Is the answer C?

asked by callie
  1. No.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. It's A right? Thanks for your help mrs. Sue:-)

    posted by callie
  3. Yes, A.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. Answers to the full quiz:

    A bill is referred to Senate committee
    6 years
    to carry out laws

    posted by Shalee^~^
  5. Thank you so much shaley you're the best😊😀😁😇😃

    posted by Anonymous
  6. It's actually


    Thank me later ;)

    posted by Bailey
  7. bailey its right!!!
    d 100%

    posted by the emo girl </3

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