how are moles and molarity related to volume? is it molx molarity or mol/molarity to get volume?

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  1. Just remember the definition.
    M = mols solute/L solution or
    molarity = mols solute/L solution and I shorten that to M = mols/L solution

    That's the only one I remember and any time I have two of those three the other one can be calculated.
    So mols = M x L
    L = mols/M
    When I was a student I tried to remember (and did) all of the combinations and after a year or two all of that stuff starts getting mixed up. After all, there is just so much we can memorize and retain. So I started cutting a lot of that out by remembering just one of any type. Then with one or two moves with algebra I could calculate the one I needed when I needed it.
    So that (P1V1/T1) = (P2V2/T2) and that one is good for which one I want if I have the others. That let's my brain have a little breathing room and I can store other stuff there instead of a lot of different arrangements of the same basic formula.

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