Which of the following statements is true about fungi? (1 point)

A. All fungi are pathogens.
B. All fungi are microscopic
C. All fungi are living organisms
D. All fungi have negative impacts on living things.

Plz no rude coments. :-) thank you!

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  1. What do you think?

    Remember that mushrooms are fungi.

  2. C.

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  3. Thanks and Ms. Sue not to be rude but nobody is perfect and im not the smartest person in the world and people do need help sometimes so when you say What do you think, I take that as being rude. I'm sorry if this upsets you but i just don't like it when people say that as the first thing, it sound like its being rude.

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  4. Thanks, Bell, for helping Just a Friend. :-)

  5. Perhaps I may interject a little insight into this rudeness thing.
    1. This is a homework help site, not a homework do site; i.e., our objective on this site is to help students understand a concept so they may work through a problem. That is to say that we USUALLY do NOT provide direct answers.

    2. Most of us volunteers want to see what the student thinks before we give an answer. In fact, we prefer the student tell us what s/he thinks and that could be done with the original post. In your case it was not.

    3. When the student fails to do that, we are left with no recourse except to ask, "What do you think?" as a way of getting the student involved in thinking about the question. In no way does that imply rudeness nor impropriety. In fact we could think the student as rude for being an answer moocher but I think most of us have thicker skins than that.

    4. We recognize that some students need more help than others and help is what we give (with the emphasis on help and not on do). So help us help you by being as upfront from the beginning and tell us what you already know about the question and/or what you don't understand about it. The more we know the more we can help.

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  6. Amen, Dr. Bob!

  7. not true if you don't know the answer its better somebody tells you than getting it wronge I agree with justafreind

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  8. word yo tell em kk

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  9. poo poo

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  10. Late, but I want to put my opinion on the 'rudeness' thing. Sometimes the volunteers can be rude torward answer-fishers, and instead of helping them, tell them to get off the website and read a textbook, etc. I see this happen a lot to mostly kids who get a few answers wrong. The whole point of 'help' on this website is for others who clearly don't understand the textbook, and needs help on how to understand it better. However, I believe some of these students need rude people. They're posting questions, instead of base concepts and stuff they don't understand. The only reason I'm here is to crack down on some people cheating in my class. This answer on this webpage is question 11 of my test, and I'm working with the state to potentially get the moderators of this website to start working an IP ban method of every known person to answer-fish. I've picked up on 12 of my students going on this website with the software they're required to get on the computers given by the school, and they have been expelled due to breaking regulation that they read, and agreed to.

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  11. We are off subject...The answer is c I just got a 100 on the test!

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  12. I think you all should stop. Your supposed to be doing homework not sitting around arguing

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  13. i am wayyyyyy late but cherry i agree for the people like me who dont understand some things we need help and arguing on this isnt helping us this has happened to me many times on this

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  14. So is the answer D?

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  15. if im looking at the same answer, it is B, i just finished the lesson and got b

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  16. Anyone have all of the answers??!?!?

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