A kayaker paddles upstream for 1.5 hours then turns his kayak around and returns to his tent in 1 hour. He travels 3 miles each way. What is the rate of the rivers current?

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asked by John
  1. speed up = u -c
    speed down = u+c

    d = speed * time
    3 = (u-c)1.5
    3 = (u+c)1

    1.5 u - 1.5 c = 3
    1.5 u + 1.5 c = 4.5
    --------------------- add
    3 u = 7.5
    u = 7.5/3

    3 = 7.5/3 + c

    c = (9-7.5)/3 = 2.5/3 = .83333333333333333333333333

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    posted by Damon

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