college Genetics

In tomatoes, tall(D) is dominant over dwarf (d) and smooth fruit(P) is dominant over pubescent fruit (p), which is covered with fine hairs. A farmer has two tall and smooth tomato plants, which we will call plant A and plant B. The farmer crosses plants A and B with the same dwarf and pubescent plant and obtains the following numbers of progeny:

Plant A Plant B
DdPp 122 2
Ddpp 6 82
ddPp 4 82
ddpp 124 4

a) what are genotypes of Plant A and B
b) are loci that determine the height of the plant and pubsescene linked? if so, whats the percent recombination?
c) explain the diff. proportions of progeny

So for (a) I figured that both A and B's genotypes would be DdPp, because when looking at the genotypes given its impossible I think for either of them to be DD or PP because then those genotypes would show up.

For (b) I said they were linked because they may have been assorted independently, causing there to be 50% recombinant progeny. And so for part (c) I figured since its independently assorted, it may explain why the progeny's are practically flip flopped.

Please help and tell me if I did this correctly or what i did wrong. Thanks!

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  1. thanks bro !

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