Spanish Questions?

16. What makes Pan American Games different from the Olympic Games?

some sports are unique, like jai alai
they are celebrated every 2 years
only Cuba can host them
they are celebrated every 6 years

17. Which theory was developed based on observations made on the Galápagos islands?

big bang
natural selection
planetary motion
18. Where is the best place to put the adjective "perezoso" in the following sentence?

Diego (1) es (2) un (3) chico (4).


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  1. For 16 I think you should just do some research on what the games are like then you can find out what's different. Just google Pan American and Olympic Games and look up information on Wikipedia for comparison.

    The answer to 17 is the theory of natural selection. Darwin observed finches there and came up with the theory.

    For number 18 the best place to put perezoso would be at the end since the structure for most spanish sentences is the noun followed by the adjective.

    Por Ejemplo:

    Rosa es una chica bonita.

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