Help me please.

Which of the following accurately depicts the transformation of y=x^2 to the function shown below?


A. Shift 5 units right, stretch vertically by a factor of 2, then shift up 1 unit.

B. Shift up 1 unit, stretch horizontally by a factor of 5, then shift left 2 units.

C. Shift right 2 units, shrink vertically to 1/5 of the original height, then shift up 1 unit.

D. Shift right 2 units, stretch vertically by a factor of 5, then shift up 1 unit.

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  1. x^2
    (x-2)^2 shift right 2
    5(x-2)^2 stretch vertically by 5
    5(x-2)^2+1 shift up 1

    That should help decide.

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  2. Thanks.

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