Math! Please check!

Okay, so this one is going to be a bit difficult to answer as I cannot post my number line, so you may just have to visualize it, or draw it out on paper.

If HI = GM at what coordinates could point M lie?

Point H is at 8 on the number line and point I is at 14 on the number line

Point G is at 1 on the number line.

So at which or these coordinates is point M?

A: 8 or 14

B: -5 or 7

C: -7 or 9

D: -13 or 15

My choice is B.

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asked by Skye
  1. So, HI=(I-H) = 14-8 = 6

    GM = M-G, so M-1 = 6
    or 1-M = 6

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    posted by Steve
  2. Right, so it is B? yYes?

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    posted by Skye
  3. Yes***

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    posted by Skye
  4. We have a winner!!

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    posted by Steve
  5. Thanks! :)

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    posted by Skye
  6. Hahahahahhahaha

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