13. How does regular exercise help to reduce the effects of mental stress?

A. People who regularly exercise are happy people and are fun to be around.
B. Regular exercise gives you better mental discipline, so you're better able to ignore stress.
C. Regular exercise gets you away from the home or office and away from stress.
D. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce the physical effects of stress.


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  1. Honestly, for this one, I would either go with B or D. Both seem pretty good answers, but I have to go with D because of research about this topic.

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  2. I agree with Brady for D.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. 14. How can you help to prevent muscle mass loss as you age?

    A. You can't prevent muscle mass loss; it's inevitable as you get older.
    B. Cut back on the amount of calories you eat during the day.
    C. Maintain a regular exercise program.
    D. Lift weights twice a week.


    15. Should fitness professionals recommend the total elimination of fat from the diet?

    A. No, but it's recommended that fat intake be limited to 30 percent of daily total calories.
    B. Yes, because the modern diet is too high in fats.
    C. Yes, because all fats can lead to various diseases.
    D. No, as long as fats are unsaturated, the amount doesn't need to be monitored.


    16. When your body burns calories more efficiently, you

    A. lose all your body fat.
    B. decrease the amount of muscle mass and increase the amount of body fat.
    C. exercise without fatigue.
    D. increase the amount of muscle mass and decrease the amount of body fat.


    17. For a person to be considered physically fit, his or her body composition

    A. should be measured every two months.
    B. can have a high fat percentage, as long as it's solid fat.
    C. should show a low body fat percentage.
    D. should show an equal distribution of fat and muscle.


    18. Many fitness programs include weight training, which

    A. is a form of aerobic exercise involving the muscles.
    B. helps to increase cardiorespiratory capacity and endurance.
    C. helps to increase muscular strength and endurance.
    D. can be used in place of aerobic exercise, when done regularly.


    19. When a client wants to include whole-grain foods in his or her daily intake, a fitness professional could suggest

    A. low-fat dairy products.
    B. fresh or frozen vegetables.
    C. fresh fruit and fruit juice.
    D. brown rice, oatmeal, and barley.


    20. Athletes warm up to ensure their joints are flexible. Flexible joints are

    A. important to prevent athletic injury.
    B. only a concern for cross-training athletes.
    C. naturally occurring as you move further into your fitness program.
    D. important so you can run faster or reach farther.


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  4. 14. I would think C more than D.

    15. Correct

    16. Correct

    17. Correct

    18. Correct

    19. Correct

    20. Correct

    I hope this helps! :)

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  5. Thank you Brady I got a 100%. Ohh this might be a little personal about you but is Brady a Boys or a Girls name?

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  6. You're welcome Sarah! :)

    My name can both be for Girls and Boys, but I am a Boy.

    P.S. I don't mind you asking.

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