Sonya has 140 beads. How many bags of 10 beads does she need so that she will have 200 beads in all?

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  1. 200 - 140 = 60

    60 divided by 10 = ?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. She already has 140 beads. She wants a total of 200.

    200-140= 60 beads.
    She'll need to get 60 more beads.

    Beads come in a bag of 10.
    So 60/10= 6

    Sonya will need 6 bags (with 10 beads per bag) in order to have a total of 200 beads.

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  3. The statement that she has 140 beads is irrelevant. If she has to separate the bags into bags of 10 until she has 200 she will need 20 bags. The 140 she already has would also be put into bags of 10. The questions does not specify ‘additional’ beads. It asks how many bags of 10 are needed to make 200. The answer is 20.

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  4. Thank you for giving me the answer

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